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Velo Care Bicycle Warranty

At A & S we believe this type of transportation is the wave ​of the future!

We are also focusing our efforts on these bikes for the purpose of hunting and fishing! They will be geared up to carry
​your gun, bow, crossbow or fishing rods!

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Electric Bikes are now legal in PA!
​No license, no registration, no insurance, no inspection and NO Gas!


Imagine silently cruising up the trail or down the beach on your fat tired electric bike with all your gear!
At a fraction of the cost of a noisy ATV which probably isn't allowed on the trails or beach.
Remember this is a non motorized vehicle - it is a bicycle!

Specializing In Sales and Service of Electric Bikes!  ​

Ariel Rider Electric Bicycles

​​Lancaster Pa.'s Premier Electric Bicycle Dealer !  Offering a Full Line of Electric Bicycles For Sale!      

Bike Shop Hours:​
Monday - Friday - 8am to 4pm
Sat. - 8am to 3pm
Sun. - By Appointment
Any other times by Appointment! 
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People who now use these bikes:

  • Commuters - DUI - loss of license- 
  • People with disabilities
  • People with arthritis and other ailments who still want to exercise!
  • Sportsmen

We have electric bicycles for sale, electric assist bicycles, electric bicycle conversions and kits, electric bicycle parts and all things for electric bicycles in Manheim!

Now offering a 5 yr. warranty package on all manufactured and custom built bikes purchased at A & S !

We take pride in offering the best value and service in our products. We realize that this is a major purchase for our customers and want you to be happy with what you own.

Please come in, ride and discuss what suits your needs! We are always more than happy to help you educate yourself on the e-bike revolution!


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We now offer financing options for our bicycles!