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208 Shellyland Rd, Manheim PA. 17545

If your vehicle has been towed  due to an accident, a police tow,  improper parking, Impound or Abandoned Vehicle, you will need the following items to Claim your vehicle.

  1. ​Photo Identification
    Acceptable Forms of Identification:
    All State and Federal Government Issued Photo Identification Cards
  2. ​Proof of Ownership of Vehicle
  3. ​​Proof of Current Registration and Insurance
  4. A Release Authorization from the issuing agency (police department) for holds. (if required)
  5. ​Payment
    We accept Cash, Credit Card or check from insurance Co..

Phone: 717-682-6247

Towing in Manheim, Lancaster Pa.

A & S Carriers, LLC is a 24-hour Accident towing service.
Hours of Operation for Towing Yard !

Towing in Manheim 

You may claim your vehicle or belongings during these Hours:

You may call to make arrangements for other times if it is an emergency item such as required medications. You must make payment
arrangements before removing items from vehicle. We will always let you have your personal items such as meds, house keys, id's etc.
Payment must be made before taking other items out of vehicle. This is due to people taking their belongings and
​then leaving vehicle on premises.

Monday - Friday: 8am to 4pm