We operate strictly in compliance with PA State scrap Metal laws! and New 2014 amendment
We co-operate fully with Law Enforcement and will prosecute, testify, provide as much info as possible to put you in jail if you bring stolen items here!

Accordingly if you want to sell a catalytic converter you must be set up as a commercial account. Please click on the scrap law links above and read. You must have a EIN or Tax ID number to sell a Cat in PA!

Recycling Centers Hours 

For recycling in Manheim


Wed. - Friday : 8am - 3:30pm
Saturday : 8am - 11:30am

Closed : Sunday, Monday and Tuesdays !

​For the safety of our employees and customers we are not open during inclement weather!
If it is snowing/icy or lightning/heavy winds we will be closed! Please do not ask us to take your items during these times. Safety is the most important item for Us.

Recycling Centers


  • Vehicle batteries
  • Electric Motors
  • Reclaimed A/C Compressors
  • Starters / alternators

As of Sept. we no longer pay for Light iron or steel ! We will have containers available for your convenience to drop off unwanted items. 

We will not be buying sheet aluminum.

We will still be purchasing items that are located inside. 

This move is to cut back on expenses so that we may still serve you!

You may see a full list of items we accept below.

Thanks for your understanding!

*Federal EPA regulations require the proper removal of all CFCs and Other Ozone Depleting Substances from small appliances and motor vehicle air conditioners as well as certification that this action has taken place prior to their entering the recycling stream.

A & S Carriers, LLC will not accept such items that do not meet this certification and requirement. A & S does not pay for such items that do not meet this certification and requirement .

Recycling Center Info: 717-682-6247

No one under 18 is allowed in this facility!

By entering this facility you agree you have read and agree with this warning!

If you enter and you have not read and agreed you are trespassing on private property!

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208 Shellyland Rd, Manheim PA. 17545

Items We Accept

Non Ferrous:

  • Cast aluminum  -  Aluminum Rads   -  Aluminum Wheels  - Aluminum Wire 
  • copper  -  Copper Wire  -  Copper/Alum Rads   -  Copper Refinery
  • brass 
  • stainless steel
  • lead